Best toys for birds


Toys are important for birds because they do 3 things

  • Stop the bird getting bored
  • Give them exercise
  • Provide mental stimulation

When you’re not around your bird will spend a lot of his time with his toys. They will hopefully stop them plucking their feathers or making lots of noise to try and get attention.

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Best toys for rodents – especially hamsters and mice

rodent toys

Rodents often get a very bad press. There is often much more attention drawn how to catch and kill mice than there is to entertain them. I admit that if you have a large infestation of mice it can be unpleasant but personally I don’t have a problem with rodents – in fact I have mice as pets, and I love them. Apparently rats are great as pets as well, and an animal who gets a particularly rough deal – there’s a lot of talk about how they contain lots of diseases, but if humans lived in sewers I think they’d be spreading disease too. But anyway rant over, what are good toys for rodents?

Since rodents are very active they like a variety of toys for play and for exercise. It’s good to sometimes let them run around but you also get things to put into their cage to make life more interesting for them.

Exercise tools


Wheels are the most well-known pets for rodents.

You want to make sure that it is the right size and that it has a solid enough surface that won’t cause injuries.


These are a great idea. They are clear balls of plastic which you can put your hamster or mouse into and let them run around with on the floor.


Rodents enjoy tunnels and you can make your own from cardboard.

Chew toys.

Chew toys are great for rodents to knaw on because it will keep their teeth in good condition.

Wooden chew toys are probably the best.  You can easily make your own but make sure that the wood is safe – should be free of pesticides and chemicals – and don’t use cedar or evergreen woods.

You can also use mineral blocks or punice stones but these aren’t as good

Watch out for plastic toys. They can quickly get destroyed and if your pet starts swallowing them it can be dangerous for them. So keep a close eye on these toys.

Cardboard can also be used for chewing – and for hiding in. Try to avoid cardboard with lots of ink on it as this may not be the best for rodents’ health.

Rings and willow balls that are often sold for rabbits can also be used.

Climbing toys

Rodents love things they can climb on like ladders and blocks. These are usually best made out of wood. Sometimes you can find things in the bird section of the pet store that will be suitable. There are lots of toys that are made for birds, I have no problem finding some for mine, far less for rodents.

Or you can easily make your own toys. Coconut shells are excellent for making houses for the rodent to play in. Ropes can also be made into toys but be careful you use thicker rope that your rope can’t get entangled in.

Sand toys

A dish of sand is something that your rodent can roll in  and keep its coat in good condition.

Your pet will also enjoy a deeper box of sand as this will allow them to dig, something they like to do